Back when I was a youngster Mum was single with 5 kids. Our uncle used to shoot deer, make rugs and plaque mount deer heads. Of course, there was plenty of meat and so not to waste this it was forwarded on to us to help out.I grew up racing motocross and as this was important to me, I wanted a job that didn’t interfere with the bikes. I wanted to be a chef and thus working times that were not ideal, I decided to become a butcher.I had the opportunity to work with food, make, prepare, teach customers how to cook these products and what veg would suit.I worked for small butchers and supermarkets learning a lot about the industry. As supermarkets started to faze out butchers and I still had a passion to excel. My wife and I decided to open our original and adventurous butcher shop.Pursuing sustainable and healthy meat products became our direction. Thus becoming Fox’s Chook House, chicken and game meats. The saying, ‘Are You Chicken or Are You Game?’ was born.


As a kid I enjoyed cooking with my family and I made a point of cooking for them on Sundays. This love for cooking push me into pursuing a career as a chef. Starting my apprenticeship at the Blue Wattle in Naracoorte, I eventually moved to Mount Gambier SA to further my cheffing career.I met the butcher, got married, had kids and the gave up cheffing. I wasn’t getting time with my family working these silly hours. We were like ships passing in the night.Starting a business of our own appealed to us. After a couple of years of looking and planning, Fox’s Chook House came about.Now we work together everyday!


We are both passionate locals with over 40 years combined experience in the food industry. As we are chef and butcher we complement each other amazingly. Add super sustainable, healthy Australian produce that is great for you and your family. The sensational meat options will leave you wanting more!

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