Simple Cooking with Game

Croc Snitty Burgers

Crumb some croc tail piece in flour, egg and your favourite bread crumbs. Then cook to golden brown, the same as you would any schnitty. Get some fresh bread rolls, coleslaw and/or chilli mayo and boom, you'll have some of the best tasting easy made burgers ready for devouring. Alternatively, fresh lettuce and tomato with some lime mayo is worth a try. Make it even simpler and try some of our ready made
croc burgers, easy!

Buffalo Steak Sanga

Quick fry a slice of our amazing minute steaks. Quick and hot, as the name implies 1 min each side. Chuck it on two slices of fresh or toasted bread😉. Slap on some amazing red wine and onion jam. Then like they say Fred’s your auntie, Sally’s your boss mmmmm yea!

Lamb Kofta Wraps

Grab yourself one of those round little lovely’s (a wrap👍) slop on heaps of tzatziki, spinach/lettuce tomato and cheese. Fry up some of the best kofta sticks this side of the south pole. Remove the stick unless you eat wood (we don’t recommend this), put two koftas down the centre, roll'em up and enjoy!

Game Snag Rolls

Defrost some puff pastry and select your choice of protein; , take a look we have plenty! Mix in a bowl (or straight on the bench if you don't mind a little mess) diced onion, grated carrot, chicken noodle soup mix (curry powder is a great twist) and any other diced fresh veg you like. Add an egg and bread crumbs to combine. Remember that puff pastry we mentioned before, lay it on the bench and fill with your snag roll mix. Roll him up and cook for half an hour at 180c or til golden brown. Again, easy... Or why not be adventurous and get the kids to help. Could be fun!


Super simple! Remember what everyone says, that mum or dad or uncle or auntie or brother or sister or wife or husband or mates, dads, sisters, girlfriend (you get the point) does the best spaghetti ever! Yes that one, well i have good news for you! Swap out he pork or beef mince for one of our game options then you will have the best and possibly the most sustainable, protein rich and low in cholesterol spag ever (not including the other wacky ingredients you use).

Mixed Grill

Lamb chop, buffalo or venison steak, croc or buffalo burger and add a game snag of choice. Grill some corn on the cob (we like to microwave the corn first for a minute or two to soften) fry some zucchini and you're good to go. Im going to say it again easy, there isnt much to it!

Spaghetti Meatballs

Pick any snags available (hint the cheesy game snags are the best if you like cheese), any of our range will work. Cut down the side and pull out the meat. Roll in to little balls and fry with some onion and garlic. If you don't like garlic etc, don't add it. Next, pick up a jar of your favourite pasta sauce or make it yourself if you're keen, mix and serve with the meatballs. If not a fan of spaghetti pasta, just use any type of pasta, it really doesn't matter.

Pizza Replacements

Swap out salami with our camel, buffalo or roo mettwurst. Crumble up cooked game snags or buffalo burger and scatter stir-fry thin strips of any of our meats, it all works.

Game meat options are awesome to work with, easy to cook and can replace a lot of the usual
proteins in your meals. As you'll notice from our serving suggestions, it doesn't need to be fancy to be
yummy. It tastes delicious, its great for your health, sourced in Australian and environmentally